Australian Heritage Dancers, Inc.
ABN 67 810 370 280 — Performance fees free of GST
Telephone: (02) 9412 3721 or 0408 853 652
International: +61 2 9412 3721 or +61 408 853 652
Web: AustralianHeritageDancers.org.au
Traditional Mail: PO Box 3095, Willoughby North, NSW 2068, Australia

The Group has a repertoire of about 40 dances. A programme for performances can be made up of a number of these in different arrangements to suit the occasion. Each dance is performed two or three times, so that a programme of any length can be developed. Typically, a 20 minute programme for a performance would consist of about 6 dances, chosen to show the different styles. A commentary on the history and significance of each dance is included, as appropriate.

A band of several musicians can accompany the Australian Heritage Dancers. For smaller occasions, or where finances are tight, the Group can perform to its own recorded music.

Australian Heritage Dancers Inc. is on the Commonwealth Government of Australia Register of Cultural Organisations, with the aim of preserving and popularising the dance and music of Australia. Donations are tax deductible to the donors.

The Australian Heritage Dancers carry Public Liability insurance. A copy of the Certificate of Currency is available if required. Click here to download a copy.